Late Update (Oct’ 2017)

There are hardly any good update for the month of October due to IRL issues I have to deal with, which had me on hiatus for quite some time. Nevertheless, I manage to get on hand on some of those project even if it was for a moment. Can’t say I am getting back on track though. Problems never stop piling in.

Without further ado,

Web-comic: Expected Void Main

Added two new four-panel episodes. Dated within 31st October and 1st November. Late, I know. The link to read:

An Android’s Diary

I’ll be creating this story in Twine for HTML support and simplicity purpose. It is considered to be included in interactive fiction database rather than visual novel ones. Currently, there is hardly anything to talk about other than still working on the first chapter.

Hiking Kemonomimi

Nothing much is done here; or rather, still setting up the new interface and hardly any progress for Day 2 event.

The Day 1 version can be downloaded at site.

Thank you for reading!


Hiking Kemonomimi (Playable Stage)

Hiking Kemonomimi is now published to public (still under development).


Just head over to the website and download it. It’s free! … and incomplete. Have fun reading the visual novel …  or not depending on how you view it.

Do you like visual novels? Do you like anthropomorphic human? Do you like some blood-thirsty psychopath?

Well, what are you waiting for? Get it NOW! Redundant link below:


I will be looking forward to continue working on the second day of the chapter and possibly change from legacy theme to the new GUI.

Thank you for visiting!


August 2017 Update…

A bit late here. Regardless, Hiking Kemonomimi is close to completing the first part before sending it to the beta reader(s) and check it again before I can give it a go on publishing the one small section of the story.

Aside from that, I’ve been introduced to the world of webcomics and I decided to try my hands on one. You can have a look at the series in and give it a try if you like it or otherwise.

If you rather copy paste the link, here it is:

There isn’t much going on but thank you for taking your time reading it.

Hiking Kemonomimi Update (June & July 2017)

hklogoProgress been made but I stumbled on series of events that prevents the first upload of anything at all. So, I shall sum them up here.

Firstly, there was no term break under this new schedule and the workload is higher than the last. Adding further to these recent weeks, I had sore throat which leads to fever, flu, and coughing. Though my health seems to have improved, the cough just won’t let up. As such, the project may have been slowed but still workable in some case.

So, what is the real issue here?

The problem I’m facing right now is rewriting after receiving critics from a very few beta readers (still wishing to have a larger sample size). The case will be “cliffhanger” standards. The story planned was supposed to start out slowly with the hybrid losing her sanity or patience in each daily transaction. However, it was too long to make such progress for a demo and after revamping, the result was:Read More »

Updates For …

I skipped the end month blog update for this one. The demo is about to be completed and with some sprinkles, it should be done. So, I will be announcing it soon when I’m done tinkering with it. Now, I can show you some screenshots to showcase you the demo; and an evidence I did something.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The demo presents Day-0 and Day-1 or prologue to chapter 1 if you want to put it differently.

If you’re still curious of what it is and can’t be bothered to browse the rest of the archives or category.

Once the demo is done, I am going to update this site. The name is the same but the design may be different.

Thank you for reading!

Getting There, Somehow

Hiking Kemonomimi is progressing slowly to redirect a few routes to suit the needs for a demo version. That means there are choices different from the alpha’s full visual novel.

So, here’s how it works:

Route Guidelines for Demo Version

The demo should be as simple as possible cause I’m getting exhausted working something that may or may not be included in the final piece. So, you should have 3 different climax to choose from before getting cut off by an excuse of a demo.

Although it may looked more simplified than from the NaNoRenO event, Mischievous Lamb, it is actually much more complicated than that and that is having much more art assets I have to work on – and a little dose of something else.

I won’t be revealing how final version routes look like. At least, not now.

Thank you for reading!

April 2017 Progress Report

Progressing to complete the first 2 days of the story arc. Better yet, I get those characters to blink! Just like the Mischievous Lamb, there won’t be sprites and all of it replaced with side images and to avoid emptiness, better images added and not empty room as a background unless necessary. I may have mentioned that, oh well.

Still need to find more sound effect as I can’t record it in the city when the story is in the forest and the beauty of the nature. Solo project is quite time-consuming when thinking about it. Almost a year and it is still far from done.

Programming Awkwardness

Funny how it worked at first and ended up an error later. It seems the library unable to locate one of the defined character. The code, “extend” no longer function specially to one of the dialogue. Just that one dialogue! AWESOME!

Assuming “n” to define a character to make a say statement. I then use “extend” to switch between a “happy” image and a “sad” image in a single dialogue line.

n happy Are you feeling well? It seems that you are getting more and more …{nw}

extend sad “ How shall I put this? Introvert, no, absolute silence.

Well, it used to work. Aside from that script above, everything else worked fine. The rest can detect the “extend” normally. But not that one! Oh no, that one above is special.

To fix this, I decide to split into 2 dialogues. That way, I don’t ever have to see the error triggered whenever I reach that dialogue in the game again.

I’m not sure what I did to have the engine-senpai to frown upon me. I have not been touching those side of the script for a while just to draw and add images like this:

What do you think?

Anyway, have a good read!

March 2017 Progress Report

My first NaNoRenO is done in less than a month. It’s done using the new interface, yay! But, I did not alter the GUI from its default so much. Mainly the dialogue box. I never spend much time into it as I am trying to speed up so that I can return to work on Hiking Kemonomimi. Regardless, someone might like it, some might not and here is the link:

Or, if you like to see better or more of other tags provided by the community before downloading it from,

Hiking Kemonomimi will still be using the legacy GUI coding. Not much changed since the last update due to focusing on that NaNo.

Thank you for reading.

Mischievous Lamb Published

NaNoRenO 2017 done! If anything else, I’ll update it when needed. Otherwise, I am going to continue Hiking Kemonomimi where I left it hiatus for that few weeks.

You may download it at or visit the “Published” drop-down menu I recently added to my blog. You can also visit Mischievous Lamb thread in Lemmasoft forum if you fancy replying there instead.

Either way, you can answer these questions and let me know if you feel like it.

What is your first impression before firing up the game?
What are your thoughts on the story and the characters?
What is your favorite choices and scene?
Are there any that you were dissatisfied with?
Is there anything that you would change?
Is there anything else you would like to add?

Thank you for reading.